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Long overdue entry

Well  —  no excuses.  It has been 2 years since my last entry.
Our house in Orange Park sold in August of 2006.  Elaine moved here in July 2006.  As is always the case, there is too much that needs to be done – all at the same time. 
We have placed a well-furnished office in the loft area of the house.  The view is spectacular.  I had a full bath included in the loft area.  Good thing!! On days when I spend most of the day in the office, I don’t need to go downstairs to use the facilities.  The coffee is always freshly ground Starbucks and is in the kitchen.  That takes me downstairs about once an hour to refill the mug.  I have a microwave in the office to keep it hot.
We are 1 1/2 hours from our younger daughter (2 grandchildren) and about 4 1/2 hours from our older daughter (3 grandchildren there).  Only one of them is a granddaughter.
The Real Estate practice has been a rough go!  It takes a while o get the practice going then the market has a turndown.  Oh well, it can only go up from here. Only a few of you know that I have moved my license to affiliate with one of the largest Brokerages in the Lake Sinclair Area.  Looks like it will have been a good move.
I have not lowered the SeaDoo into the water since November, however, Elaine and I try to take the pontoon boat out about once a week.  The lake is large so we haven’t seen all of it yet!  We have purchased a kneeboard.  It hasn’t been used yet.  I don’t know whether it would be better to try to tow it with the poontoon boat or the SeaDoo.
I am ashamed to tell you that I haven’t done any fishing yet.  A friend helped me get a rod and reel, some tackle, etc.  There is a hole" just off our dock.  The water at the end of our dock i about 20 feet deep  —  and the hole is much deeper.  Favorite fish in Lake Sinclair include Crappie, Channel Catfish, striped and hybrid bass.  There are absolutely WILD stories and sitings of catish large enough to swallow children.  These weigh in at 60 to 80 pounds – so I’m told.
Deer abound!!!  And (unfortunately) we found out that reindeer really do know how to fly!!  The lake shows us many ducks, geese, blue heron, and we regularly see bald eagles.  There is a family of red foxes in our neighborhood.  Another frequently seen character is the turkey vulture  —  ugly and awkward on the ground, they are graceful and beautiful to watch while in flight.
Many of you have asked about the effect of the drought on the water level in Lake Sinclair.  While Lake Lanier was down about 18 feet and Lake Allatoona was down about 20 feet, Lake Sinclair may have gone down between two and eight  —  INCHES.  Georgia Power Company maintain a constant level here on Lake Sinclair  —  for the purpose of power generation.
We are so far away from "civilization" that the ladies have banded together to create a sense of community.  There is a group that regularly meets to walk each weekday, a monthly luncheon, and a monthly ladies card night.  We are about 45 minutes from the "big city" of Milledgeville, GA, however, it is only 25 minutes into beautiful downtown Sparta.  Here you will find an (almost) supermarket, a couple of restaurants, a couple of gas stations, hardware store, and a drugstore.  The Sparta Ismaelite is our newspaper and is published once a week.  It usually runs about 12-16 pages.
I drive 30 minutes to the Real Estate Office on days when I need to be in the office.  I spend as much, or more time working in the home office.  The boating season (April-November) is the busy season.  Thanksgiving until early march is the "dead" sesson, with the remainder of the time being spotty.  My "farming" assignment includes the community I live in and I have been mailing to the residents once a month since December 2007.  The goal is to gain name recognition.  Wish me luck.
We haven’t conquored our slope yet, but we have the Gator and a golf cart that keeps us thinking that we need to get our pth "fixed".  Looks like it will take a fair chunk of change!!
Any Questions?  How bout letting us hear from you.
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We’re In!!

Spent a couple of weeks here before Christmas working ourselves silly!  We Love It!!!

Will add more pictures soon.


The Gator can navigate the golf cart path but it is still too steep in the switchback.  Adding more dirt to the bottom half of the switchback soon. 


There are big piles of dirt and gravel on the "BACK" side of the house [note that with a Lakehouse, the Water side is the FRONT!!] 


So there are still things the builder is finishing up.


Watch for new pics.

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About to “Move-In”

This is the weekend before Thanksgiving week.  We are planning on leaving Orange Park on Tuesday morning (very early) with our trailer loaded with some furniture and some household goods. 
The builder has had a struggle with the schedule.  There will still be workers painting and trimming as we arrive.  Only the summer kitchen will have a counter and a sink and only one bathroom will have a sink.  The Granite / Countertop workers will be measuring, making templates, etc. 
Hardwood floors will have two coats of finish.  Final finish will be the VERY last thing done to the house.
This week, the doors were fitted with locks, stone was laid on the fireplace, the golf cart path was completed, structured cabling was terminated, a lot of quarter-round was installed.
Power will be turned on Monday, another finish coat on the flooring, appliances will be installed, re-painting most walls will commence (workers messed the original coat requiring repainting of most of the walls). 
We are so anxious to have this finished!!
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Al and Elaine
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Just uploaded 18 pics of the house.  We are about 5 weeks from completion.  Decks are inviting, drywall is being taped and mudded.  Cabinets are being ordered.
Elaine and I will go up to see and meet with builder next weekend.
10/22/05  Just got home from the Weekender.  Looks like a house now.  All of the subcontractors comment on the view.  Some even bring a fishing pole to work with them!!
Painters were there today.  Cabinets should arrive this week.  Flooring and the granite countertops will be the next really big things.  Painting, finish carpentery, painting, light fixtures [including 11 fans], finishing the golf cart path down to the water, cementing the golfcart path, etc.
Looks like at lease another 3 weeks.  We will do at lease part of Thanksgiving week moving some stuff in.
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